Having Your Baby at CGMH

What You Need To Know

What to bring with you to hospital that you will need to have:

For Yourself: 

  • your choice of pajamas, nightgown, slippers
  • your own pillow (if you choose)
  • nipple cream if planning to use (Lansinoh is one brand)
  • water bottle to contain drinking water/ice chips at bedside
  • snacks if desired for post delivery
  • sanitary pads-one package maxi pads (overnight, heavy flow)

For Your Support Person:

  • frozen water bottle (500ml) for back massage
  • pillow, blanket, snacks
  • music of choice for labour (if wish)

For Baby: 

  • blankets
  • sleepers and hats
  • diapers (one package newborn size), baby wipes, your choice of product for baby’s bottom (Vaseline, olive oil, coconut oil)
  • formula of your choice if choosing to bottle feed

When to Come to Hospital

  • Any concerns or questions call 705-444-8618 (direct line to OB)
  • If you think your water has broken (trickle or gush)
  • Contractions are every 5mins or less and you have had 10 contractions in one hour
  • Contractions make you stop what you are doing and concentrate on breathing

Call before coming to hospital

  • Call 705-444-8618 (direct to OB) speak to nurse

During phone call nurse will ask:

  • What is your due date
  • is this your first baby
  • is your primary care provider a doctor or midwife
  • how far apart are your contractions
  • is there any fluid leaking, if so, what colour
  • are you having any bleeding
  • What is your Group B Strep result
  • Are you feeling the baby move

Helpful Handouts

The Collingwood Well Baby Clinic is a collaborative partnership between midwives and the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital.

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