1:1 Supportive Counselling

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders can affect 25% of women and 10% of men, making it the most common obstetrical complication.The perinatal period is defined as the onset of pregnancy through to one year postpartum.  Pregnancy & postpartum can be a vulnerable time for families and we're here to offer support & an opportunity to talk about the hard things, free of judgment or shame. 

Who is appropriate for this service?

  • Our services are ideal for the person who needs to talk about the struggles
  • Would benefit from reassurance that the changes are norma
  • Is looking for more support in accessing resources

    Please phone our office to inquire about book an appointment.

    *We don't provide psychotherapy or prescriptions, however we can facilitate a consult with
    Mental Health Services at CGMH to access these services*

    The Collingwood Well Baby Clinic is a collaborative partnership between midwives and the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital.

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