This community lending library was created in partnership with Bridget's Bunnies and the Women and Children's Health Network.  It is intended to support parents experiencing pregnancy or infant loss in an accessible and discrete way, while also encouraging community connection.  Resources are provided at no cost to the borrowers and strive to ensure no one endures pregnancy or infant loss alone.

How does it work?

  1. Take a book

If you see a book on this shelf you would like to read, feel free to take it with you. Return it to this Little Loss Library when you are finished. It’s that simple. No need to sign it out. No return dates.

2. Leave a Book

Bring grief or pregnancy and infant loss books from your own collection for others to borrow. Feel free to leave a message for future borrowers in the front cover.

3. Recycle

If you received a Bridget’s Bunnies comfort kit and have gently used books you wish to pass along, this is where to do it. Simply place them on the shelf to gift to another grieving parent.

4. Share

Leave a comment or share about your own loss in the back of the book you’ve borrowed. This will help connect you with future borrowers. 

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